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Dabzpro Digi-nails Enail


Sale price $ 179.99 Regular price $ 499.99

The smallest, easiest and most consistent system for vaporizing oils. Scorch the Torch!

  • 14/18mm Male or Female Ceramic Nails

  • Heater Coil with 5ft Detachable Cord (pre-installed on nail)

  • 6ft Detachable Power Cord

  • Free Dab Mat

  • Free dab tool

  • Free dab jar

  •  Dabzpro Concentration Stations offer precise temperature control of your nail for repeatable consistency in smoothness and flavor. Simply install the included domeless nail into any female 14mm or 18mm ground glass joint and never purchase expensive butane or listen to noisy torches again! Dabzpro enail softly heats the ceramic nail to the set temperature in about one minute and stays there all day!