Who makes the purest cbd products?

Closed Loop Butane Extractors Make the Purest CBD products on the market!

Butane extraction should be the first step in every Certified Lab (C1/D1) etc. Butane produces the finest whole plant full spectrum oil, retaining more terps (terpenes) than any other process. 

Followed by a super chilled filtration process, either single solvent de-waxing or a secondary solvent ethanol soak de-waxing which requires a rotary evaporator to further process. 

Then for shatter and crumble the extracts are put into a vacuum drying oven to obtain desired consistency, poured or whipped!

Less desirable runs are then taken to a Short Path Distillation system where every fraction of the plant matter can be separated off by its boiling point. and 99% pure CBD, THC-V, CBG, can be made.

Sauce and Diamonds have come about with terpene saturation points being reached under vacuum seed crystals have been grown with high 80% marks and full flavor, its real science now!