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1.9 Cuft 10 Shelf Vac Oven


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 10 Shelf Vac Oven

vacuum ovens are specially designed for degassing or purification of essential oil extracts. Using the technique of cold boiling, the oven works in a delicate ambient temp. heat atmosphere under reduced pressure conditions to expedite solvent degassing while perfectly preserving color, aroma, and overall solute quality. We've applied our extensive vacuum expertise and industry experience to produce a series of ovens designed exactly for your needs: low consumption, high-production, and easy operation.
shelf: 10pcs


10 Shelf Vac Oven

Features -

4sides heating, distribute the heat uniformly under vacuum - Temp stability reach to +/- 1 degree F - Dual layer tempered glass door for clear observation - High quality temperature PID controller, LED display - Stainless steel working chamber - Five removable aluminum shelves - 110 Volt, 60 Hz, US standard plug - Has been factory tested under vacuum for more than 24hr

10 Shelf Vac Oven