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Wiped Film Gold Miner Distiller


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Wiped Film Terp Traummel, gold mining to the next level.

Superior Molecular Distillation Process For Liquid Separation and Chemical Purification.

Wiped Film Evaporator and Vacuum Distillation

Terpene Condenser 

Cold Trap Condenser  

Diffusion Pump

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designs and fabricates simple to complex systems using the wiped Film Short Path Distillation Process our stills, evaporators and hybrid configurations that include fractional columns with wiped-film distillation units, centrifugal molecular distillation units, vacuum distillation, condensers, evaporation and processing vessels that meet our customer's application requirements, with superior results!


CLSWFGM-100 Wiped Film Distillation System Price Sheet 
Parts Description Specifications
Glass Components Jacketed Glass Barrel with Internal Cooling Condenser Diameter: 100mm
Effective Evaporation Area: 0.15m2
Processing Rate: 750-1500 gram/hour 
Jacketed Feeding Vessel with Lid Volume: 2L
Number of Ports on the Lid: Three
Port Size: 24/40
Valve Material: PTFE
Distilalte Receiving Flask Volume: 3L
Port: Spherical Joint
Residue Receiving Flask Volume: 2L
Port: Spherical Joint
Cold Trap Cold Trap with 1L Collection Flask
   Wiper Wiper Material: Stainless Steel 316L
Blade Material: PTFE
              Control System Control System Digital High Vacuum Gauge (0.01pa-1atm), Pirani Type
VFD Speed Controller for Stirring Motor, Motor Power:120W
Two Temperature Controllers for Heating Tapes
Electricity: 220V, single-phase, 1 kW total
Support Frame Support Frame Material: Stainless Steel 304
Heating Circulator for Feeding Vessel Reservoir Volume: 5L
Temperature Range: RT-300℃
Pump Rate: 8L/min 
Heating power: 1.6kW                   
Electricity: 220V
Heating Circulator for Jacketed Glass Barrel Reservoir Volume: 20L
Temperature Range: RT-300℃
Pump Rate: 15L/min 
Heating power: 3.5kW
Electricity: 220V
Heating/cooling Circulator for Internal Condenser Reservoir Volume: 5L
Temperature Range: RT-100℃
Pump Rate: 15L/min 
Heating Power: 1 kW
Compressor Power: 500 W
Power: 1.8kW
Electricity: 220V, single-phase
Vacuum Pump Pump Rate: 9CFM
Oil Consumption:1.5L
Ultimate Partial Pressure: <4x10-4mbar 
Rotating Speed: 1420r/min
Motor Power: 0.55kW, 0.7HP
Electricity: 220V, single or three phase
Accessories Accessories Vacuum Tubes, Heating/Chilling Hoses, etc
Includes: Upgrade Options for short path wiped film evaporator
Option 1 Add the Terpene Condenser Additional Terpene Condenser Between Wiping Barrel and Cold Trap
  Chilling Circulator used for Terpene Condenser Reservoir Volume: 10L Temperature Range: -32℃-RT Pump Rate: 20L/min  Electrical Power: 1kW Electricity: 220V
Option 2 Cold Trap Condenser   Replacing Dewar Style Cold Trap to Coil type cold trap condenser
   Chilling Circulator used for Coil Type Cold Trap Condenser Reservoir Volume: 5L Temperature Range: -82℃-RT Pump Rate: 20L/min  Electrical Power: 1.5kW Electricity:220V/380V
Option 3 , Diffusion pump Diameter: 100mm End vacuum : 5*10-2pa  Pump rate: 70Lps Heating Power: 700W Electricity: 220V
Option 4  Gear Pump Transmission pressure : 0.8Mpa Pump rate: 15-900ml/min Speed rate: 50-3000RPM Power: 50W Electricity: 86-286V
Continuous Collection Module  Glass/PTFE Valve for Continuous Collection, 2 PCS
    Receiving Flask, 5L Volume, Socket Joint with 10mm Glass Barb & High Vacuum Valve,2PCS
    1-stage Vacuum Pump with Vacuum Gauge
    Vacuum Pump Adapter, 1/4 SAE to 10mm Hose Barb