Closed Loop Extractor Pressure Certification For Oregon

All stainless steel parts are rated @120psi 
the systems normal operating pressure is 15psi to 30psi max ASME states the vessel to be rated 4x operating pressure!
Good Engineering states only 2x is more than safe!
Pressure Certification For Oregon
Pressure certification:
Is to be done by the owner of the vessel during installation and witnessed by an inspector.
Licensing of boiler contractors and per­sons installing, altering or repairing boilers or pressure vessels
§ 480.560¹ 
• testing
• rules
Inspections; testing; rules. (1) The Board of Boiler Rules shall adopt rules to provide for the inspection of the installation, operation and condition of boilers and pressure vessels that are used or proposed for use in this state and not made exempt from periodic inspection under ORS 480.510
(2) Pressure piping that is nonboiler external piping, but that excludes potable water nonboiler external piping, shall be inspected on installation only and may not thereafter be considered as part of the boiler for the purposes of any subsequent inspections required by this section.
(3) If a hydrostatic test is necessary to determine the safety of a boiler or pressure vessel, the test shall be made by the owner or user of the boiler or pressure vessel and witnessed by a deputy or special inspector.