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15LB Rack Mounted Closed Loop Extractor w/ Chilling Coils and Molecular Sieve


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15LB Rack Mounted Jacketed  Closed Loop Extractor w/ Chiller and Material Drier


This is the 15lb rack mounted closed loop extractor with chiller, and recovery tank. that  is jacketed with in out ports, all threaded port, such as ball valve, jic adapters and hoses etc are all 3/8" threaded, it is more convenient for fast gas transfer. Unit Includes all you can see in the photo,

  • stainless steel rack
  • extra of each type of gasket
  • 100lb recovery tank
  • chilling coils
  • Pre Chilling Coil with Dry Ice Holder
  • Post Chilling Coil 50'
  • material drier for 3A molecular sieve beads
  • dewaxing column
  • Does not include solvent