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5lb Stainless Steel Soxhlent Extractor


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Soxhlet Extraction is a age old approach to plant extraction. It utilizes a super chilled quick wash method which ensures the highest yield and highest potency. In herbal processing, it makes a strong golden RSO tincture in as little as 1-3 hours rather than the typical 3-5 weeks with the Jar Method.

These systems are the largest soxhlet extractors around. Built with academical engineering in mind, these protect any heat sensitive chemicals all while making sure the volatile oils cannot escape. This is a hermetically sealed vessel that operates under vacuum. Vacuum creates lower boiling points making extraction safe and effective for you and your plant of interest.

In terms of hemp/cannabis extraction, this means it gets the full cannabinoid profile along with all the terpenes present. These are extracted and maintained at the plant's natural occurring ratios. Maintaining these natural ratios is important in maximizing the effects of the plant on the body. These extractors are built to maintain the synergy of the plant to the highest extent.

Four Systems in One

  • Alcohol Distillation Extraction
  • Water Distillation Extraction
  • Terpene Recovery
  • Essential Oil Extraction

Alcohol Extraction: This is done via soxhlet extraction. Alcohol is evaporated under vacuum and re-condensed above the herb column with a condenser. Pure distilled alcohol is continuously flushed through the material. The extracted oils collect in the bottom chamber while the alcohol continues to recycle through. This method ensures you get a full spectrum extraction at the highest yield possible. The system is run until the resulting tincture is relatively clear as it comes through the herb column. At this point you have extracted almost all of the components from the plant. 

Alcohol Recovery: Once the extraction is complete, the column is emptied of plant material and put back together. With the turn of a few valves, running the system will now recover the alcohol from the extract. The system now runs like a vacuum oven but will recover the alcohol used in the extraction process. This recovered alcohol can be used again for the next extraction. 

Essential Oil Distillation: The system can also be configured to steam distill essential oils. With the included essential oil distillation head, you can fill the herb column with your herb of choice and run the system with distilled water under vacuum. The water will now evaporate and flush steam through the herb column. It is re-condensed and separates the oils from the water. The water can continually flow back into the bottom vessel or out of the system. After a few hours, all the essential oils will be captured in the oil separator. The oils can then be collected with a pipette and used to enhance ones life with aromatherapy. There are very few essential oil distillation systems that employ a vacuum. This ensures you cannot damage any of the volatile essential oils and terpenes. This system yields high quality oils not present on the market.