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PURE CBD Products


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PURE CBD Oral Spray- Each spray delivers a precise dose of hemp derived 99% pure CBD into your mouth. Allowing for the quickest and most effective absorption. Feel relief wherever you are, spray on the go!

​Pain relief spray - 99% Pure CBD Extract Menthol Camphor Pain Relief Spray. Provides exceptional relief with out the use of prescription pils. Sit back and relax with the smooth menthol smell as your pain melts away!

​Pure CBD for Life Rub - is the answer for aches and pains. Our rub roars powerful and melts away tension and sore muscles. Try our Original scent and the New Lemon Grass smell!

​​PURE CBD LIP BALM - provides radiant shine and conditioning. This moisturizing solution helps transform dry and cracked lips. Ingredients in this gloss rejuvenate sensitive skin and enhance elasticity, making for healthy kissable lips.

PURE CBD EYE SERUM - This light weight, non-greasy fast absorbing formula was created to help with Anti-aging and designed to shrink facial lines and reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

​PURE CBD FACE CREAM-This is a luxurious cream that hydrates your skin and  fights of f dullness with Hemp extracts leaving your face with a radiat youthful glow.

​PURE CBD FACE & BODY CLEANSER- Take your face and body wash to a whole new level. Clean clogged pores while receiving the benefits of CBD's anti-inflammatory properties.

​PURE CBD HAND & BODY MASSAGE LOTION - Pamper your stressed-out skin with our sensual and luxurious massage lotion. Let the healing powers of nature rejuvenate, refresh, and bring back your skins healthy glow.

PURE CBD FOOT CREAM - Delivers gentle and effective moisturizing for tired  over-worked feet. Lets this indulging foot cream that combines natural oils and our premium CBD erase away the days stresses!