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Universal Solvent Recovery Vessel


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We've Made Essential Oil Extraction Easy!
with The Fastest Recovery Times,
The Largest Processing View Windows,
and The Safest Operating Pressures.

"Currently the most common way to make essential oil is with steam distillation which leaves 40-50% of the available essential oil behind. Our systems use medical grade solvents to extract at much more efficient rates increasing the profitability of any business almost 2X fold. "

Farm Hemp?
Turn your crop to CBD oil.

The Purest Essential Oil Money can buy!

The Most Universal Systems on the Market
Use any of these Solvents!

Closed Loop Reclamation Essential Oil Extraction Systems 
Recover 98% of your Solvent Every Run.

The Best Quality Oil Extractor Systems on the Market, Make CBD!

New** Super Chilled Alcohol Extraction Setups too, just Ask!

DNA Profile FULL Plant Extraction